Marble and stone

Marble and stone

At VISION TECH, we consider ourselves as your quality partner for all your stone work requirements. Our objective is to ensure that all our clients find a stone solution that fully meets their aesthetic, quality, maintenance and financial expectations.

We offer wide ranges of marble, granites, limestone and other natural stone material as well as a range of technical support services. These include identification and supply of suitable materials, samples and production of workshop drawings developed from approved architectural plans. We produce cutting sheets based on these drawings and offer practical advice related to optimum usage of materials and selection of suitable product.

From our 100,000 square feet factory and dedicated installation teams we provide the highest level of workmanship and ensure that all works are delivered satisfactorily based on technical knowledge and qualifications.

Our approach to projects is to maximise efficiency and quality through our production plant, equipment and qualified personnel using state-of-the-art equipment and utilising our vast depth of knowledge and experience acquired from successful completion of a large number of technically diverse projects. We can satisfy the most extreme requests of clients no matter the technical difficulty.

Our Marble and Stone division is a professional and reliable partner for any client, and our commitment and dedication, through interface and follow up, throughout the duration of the project and thereafter, provides the necessary service, after sales service as well as commercial and technical service to ensure successful completion of every project.

Put the magnificent finishing touches to your architectural concept with the timeless beauty of natural stone.

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P.O. Box 41531,Hamriyah Free Zone,
Sharjah, U.A.E.

Tel :  +971 6 526 1121
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